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Video Marketing Tips for the Meeting Industry

How Do You Design An Effective Trade Show Booth?

By Karin Roberts • Jan 18, 2016

Let’s say you are planning to exhibit at a trade show and you need a new trade show booth. What do you do? You might research the internet for cool exhibit designs but the best approach is to focus on what you need first from a marketing perspective and ...

6 Keys to Improving Exhibitor ROI at Your Next Event

By John Trefry • Jan 5, 2016

Trade show exhibitors aren’t the only ones who must meet the needs of their target market for a solid ROI. Event organizers need to measure and hold accountable the true value they’re delivering to exhibitors in order to be most effective.

The bottom line is that organizers can help draw ...

4 Ingredients to a High-Powered Sales Process that Converts

By John Trefry • Dec 29, 2015

There’s an art to selling. Let’s call it the science of influence.  

And John Parke, Founder of Leadership Synergies, has become a master at it.

I was intrigued by one of his recent presentations in which he spelled out the obstacles and ...

Boost ROI with Better Buyer-Seller Engagement

By John Trefry • Dec 22, 2015

I was at the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) 2015 Expo! Expo! recently and had the pleasure of hearing Jo-Anne Kelleway, CEO of Info Salons Group, present on how sellers can develop a stronger buyer experience during tradeshows ...

Exhibitor Options Mean Endless Opportunities [VIDEOS]

By John Trefry • Dec 4, 2015

Making the choice to have Summit Videos available at your next event is an easy one. From there though, your exhibitors will have some choices of their own to make.

At Summit Videos, it’s understood that the needs of each and every exhibitor at your trade show ...

Summit Videos A Powerful Partnership for Your Next Event

By John Trefry • Dec 1, 2015

Imagine how easy it would be to promote an upcoming show if you had broadcast-quality video of all the action and could offer the same top-tier video service to your exhibitors. An event with that kind of hype to support it would practically book itself, right?

Now it’s ...

3 Things That Are Killing Conversions for Tradeshow Exhibitors

By John Trefry • Nov 24, 2015

Trade shows are a big investment. In most cases they require travel costs, booking a spot, setting up shop, staffing, and so much more. When it’s all said and done, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars to be represented at one of the big ones.